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Beach or mountains? Which represents your ideal vacation? You can't really go wrong in either case. Both of them allow you to soak up God's wonderful earth that we are able to experience.

The beach is relaxing because of the sound of the waves as you catch some rays and feel the sand beneath your toes. An added bonus is seeing children create sand castles and searching for sea shells. Nighttime walks on the beach are serene and romantic.

The mountains provide the clean, crisp air that may be lacking in a lot of large, smog filled cities. You can really feel at one with nature as you soak up the majesty of God's great earth.

So what's our verdict?

For summer fun, we'll definitely have to give the nod to the beach. The mountains get the thumbs up in the winter time with the beauty of the snow.

Tell us what you think? During summer vacation, do you prefer the beach or the mountains?
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