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Edible Gifts InformationEdible Gifts InformationOur Edible Gifts are so yummy! Each order is made by hand. We offer Jazzy Cake Pops and Jazzy Cake Ball Truffles. Each Edible order can be customized to your needs. 
Jazzy Cake PopsJazzy Cake PopsJazzy Cake Pops are the new way to go. Why go with the traditional boring birthday cake or cupcakes? It's much easier for your guests to just grab a cake pop! Chocolate covering over your favorite flavor of cake is the best of both worlds. You won't be disappointed!
Jazzy Cake Ball TrufflesJazzy Cake Ball TrufflesOur Jazzy Cake Ball Truffles are cake pops without the sticks. Just pop them in your mouth and you'll want to order more. The truffles come in all sorts of designs. Custom orders available.
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