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  1. Holidays are the best time of year! Decorating the Christmas tree; placing a plate of cookies and a tall glass of milk out for Santa; hanging Christmas lights; preparing that special holiday dinner; shopping for that special gift; watching your favorite holiday movies; listening to the beautiful sounds of Christmas music and visiting with loved ones is what make the holidays so special! Jazzy Diaper Cakes wants everyone to treasure these special times with your family and friends and we wish you all a memorable holiday!
  2. Between the BBQ, spending time with family and friends and the fireworks, it's important to remember that July 4th is not just a day off from work.  July 4th should allow us the opportunity to reflect on the history of this country and how we arrived at the point we are today. In understanding that as an American society, we have gone through many trials and tribulations, we all need to make sure we are doing our part to ensure this country continues to be the most prosperous in all the world. 

  3. Beach or mountains? Which represents your ideal vacation? You can't really go wrong in either case. Both of them allow you to soak up God's wonderful earth that we are able to experience.

    The beach is relaxing because of the sound of the waves as you catch some rays and feel the sand beneath your toes. An added bonus is seeing children create sand castles and searching for sea shells. Nighttime walks on the beach are serene and romantic.

    The mountains provide the clean, crisp air that may be lacking in a lot of large, smog filled cities. You can really feel at one with nature as you soak up the majesty of God's great earth.

    So what's our verdict?

    For summer fun, we'll definitely have to give the nod to the beach. The mountains get the thumbs up in the winter time with the beauty of the snow.

    Tell us what you think? During summer vacation, do you prefer the beach or the mountains?
  4. Do you need some great ideas on how to plan your youngster's next birthday party? Well, Jazzy Diaper Cakes has you covered. Little Jazzy just turned 3 and attached you'll see some pictures of her great day! A nice birthday party for your little ones doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Just a little creativity and let the kids have a blast!

  5. Depending on where you live in the US, it's safe to say that the winter of 2011/2012 has been one of the mildest in recent memory. Even though Atlanta, GA doesn't get as cold or have as extreme winters as cities up north, it is still highly unusual to have weather in the 50's and 60's almost every day during the winter months. It was only a year ago in January of 2011 that the great Atlanta "blizzard" happened. To all of the people who live in really cold states, don't laugh but when we got our unheard of 1 inch of snow and ice, the city shut down...for about a week. I said don't laugh. The south doesn't have the luxury of snow plows that easily makes several feet of snow nothing more than gigantic snow piles on the side of the road. We had to let mother nature run her course and let the snow and ice melt before returning to work and school. Sad but true. lol. Interested in your comments. What part of the country do you live in and  has your winter been mild?  

  6. What a great year 2011 turned out to be! Because of our great customers, Jazzy Diaper Cakes had a banner year and we look forward to an even bigger and better 2012! We also wish the best to each and every one of you. The new year is always a great time to reflect on what may or may not have gone well in the previous year, as well as setting in motion a game plan to achieve your dreams. The key being actually having a game plan. Some people start off thinking of big things, but somehow get off course and by the end of the year are dejected, thinking they have failed. The way to prevent this is to right down what you want to accomplish on paper. Check out some more specifics on good goal setting at: http://www.mindtools.com/page6.html. Happy goal setting and happy 2012. Here we go!

  7. It's Christmas Eve folks!!! There is a plethora of Christmas movies on, as there are every year. From A Christmas Story,  to It's a Wonderful Life, to Home Alone. But in the estimation of the good 'ol folks at Jazzy Diaper Cakes, the best Christmas movie ever made is...drumroll please...National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation! No matter how many times we see it, it's like the first time! The other movies are good too, don't get us wrong but everyone has their favorite. What's yours?

  8. Thanksgiving is just a few days away! What is your favorite part of the Thanksgiving holiday? The endless food? Football watching? Fellowship with friends and family? No matter your favorite, Jazzy Diaper Cakes wishes you an enjoyable and relaxing holiday. Christmas will be right around the corner! We can't wait, ,how about you? 

  9. August 23rd is a great day for Jazzy Diaper Cakes, as it is the birthday of one of the founders of the business. In honor of that, Tonya made an Angry Birds cake from scratch. It's quite a sight to see, as you can see from the pictures. This one is edible but wait, there's more!! An Angry Birds diaper cake is coming soon. Be on the lookout for our announcement on when they will be ready to order. Let us know how you like this cake. 



  10. Well, school's still out and for many youngsters, the first day of school is right around the corner. Has the summer been enjoyable so far with the kids? Where did you go on vacation? If you haven't been yet, where do you plan on going? Jazzy Diaper Cakes loves to hear from our customers. Let us know about the summer fun that you've either had or are looking to have soon.

  11. I have always had a love for sports, and have played since I was a little kid. I can remember playing soccer from the 1st grade all the way until 8th grade. During that time, my father was very active in helping me develop my skills. He coached several of my teams, including our 8th grade CYO championship team. While at the time I may have taken his participation for granted, I now look back with great fondness. In today's society, it seems like nothing is as peaceful as it used to be. My goal as a father is to give my children the same active participation that my father gave me. What are some of your favorite memories of your father growing up? Happy Father's Day to all of the great dads out there, from Jazzy Diaper Cakes!

  12. As we usher in a new year, it is important for us to reflect back on the year 2010. Being the first year for Jazzy Diaper Cakes, we would like to extend the most sincere thanks to all of our customers who supported us. We certainly look forward to even greater things in 2011. What great things are you looking forward to in this new year? We want to hear from you!

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